Case Studies

Case Studies

Stan James is a remote gambling operator offering online, on mobile and telephone Sports Betting, Casino, Games and Poker. It is a significant part of the Stan James brand which began life in 1973 as a single betting shop in Wantage, Oxfordshire. In the forty years since, the brand has grown to become one of the most trusted names in UK betting and gaming.

Stan James is powered by Margin Maker 2, an environment for which Netshell is experienced and able to offer end-to-end support and development services. We are knowledgable about all of the main areas of MM2 including eVenue, Shared Wallet, Dispatcher, WARP and the various middleware modules.

Netshell provides Stan James with a fully managed end-to-end development and 3rd line support service, helping formulate ideas into requirements, and then managing these requirements into tasks for Netshell's internal development team. Once development is complete, we work closely with Stan James' own QA team whilst they validate the software against requirements and desired features.

Our involvement continues where necessary. Once the software has made it to production, we continue to work with internal infrastructure teams, offering support where necessary and tuning the system for performance gains where need has been identified.

Specialist Managed Development

Since taking on Netshell's services, Stan James has been able to focus purely on their core business efforts, leaving the technical implementation of solutions with us.

We have experience in and are specialised in the creation and management of software development teams, along with the ability to create and govern the processes and environments required to meet the development needs. This includes the technical setup and configuration of build environments and formation of ‘service contracts’ to ensure alignment and velocity is maintained between geographically distributed developers.

From our experience in this area, especially within the gaming sector, we can acknowledge that building a development team with the required skill set and knowledge of the gaming industry can be problematic. Finding a pre-packaged team of outsourced developers can appear easy at first glance, but unfortunately a lack of industry knowledge, process gaps and communication issues can hamper progress.

Therefore, using our existing staff and extending further into our elastic network we were able quickly assemble a team, manage it and us our gaming knowledge to lessen any learning curve required to understand client's systems.

Generally all developers and QA engineers we recruit already have gaming knowledge and skill sets aligned to what is require. Furthermore we will work tirelessly to ensure the processes and communication protocols between the internal and external teams are well tuned.

Web and Mobile

Netshell develops and maintains Stan James web and mobile offerings. Given the web and mobile products are how most customers interact with the company, providing a consistent and constantly improving experience is key.

With the number of mobile and tablet devices available for purchase, consistency is key, and solid knowledge of web standards necessary. With this knowledge, we have worked and continue to work closely with Stan James' internal teams to ensure their ideas come to fruition.

End to End Project Support

Our background covers not only managing development requirements from scratch but additionally offering an outside view of your internal processes, product 360s and offering advice on how to improve efficiency, and implement new processes. This goes beyond the common code quality and extends to automated UI testing, stress testing and supporting environments such as continuous integration.

Where teams across organisations work together it is important that they are both aligned and understand how processes work, agreed on how to communicate and know how to raise exceptions. By working with Stan James' own internal teams, for example in QA, we have helped implement agreed and efficient work-flows to ensure timely and consistent deliveries from Netshell for pick-up and implementation within their own teams.