Gaming Software


Whether you are are looking to develop a ground-up sportsbook solution or wish to extend your current solution across multiple channels, Netshell can work with your business to provide the tools to compete against the very best in the industry. For existing bookmakers, the addition of new enhanced features is a proven method to attracting new players and driving up revenues.

We have experience in managing and supporting large scale sportsbooks and have developed software for clients to support their day-to-day running operations.

Look and Feel

The back-end systems behind the sportsbook are very important, however, it is important to not ignore the customer experience. Not only can we work with you to ensure your sports book functions as it should, we can also assist with the creation of your website, hosting, design and look and feel as well as providing a method to manage your content.

This will all also be backed up with a user-friendly front-end using modern standards which will function well no matter which device your customer is using.

We would be happy to assist you with a re-design of your current customer facing website, taking a holistic view from a fresh pair of eyes, as well as provide feedback from real users as part of an official usability testing project.

Support Agreements

We offer a flexible and tailored level of support for our customers. You may wish to handle your 1st line and infrastructure internally, in which case we can offer a 3rd line and complete software support package, stepping in where necessary to help you resolve critical issues.

Alternatively we can offer a a greater level of management, allowing you to concentrate on your core business, letting us worry about the technical matters.

All of our software receives regular software updates to ensure it is continually patched with the latest security fixes and to improve general stability.

Cashout and Additional Features

Adding to the user experience is key, and given you need to stay one step ahead of your competitors, it is worthwhile investing in additional functionality that appeals to your end customer.

Cashout is a function that allows your players to take a return before an event is complete. This is appealing both to you and your players. For you, as an operator, all cashed out bets will be paid at a reduced payout to the current price of the bet, reducing the costs of winning bets. For players, this exciting new option and a benefit that they will receive when betting with you.

Netshell have developed their own platform-agnostic cash-out solution which can be easily integrated into any sports book.

We offer a simple cash-out solution with a method of maintaining markets and events which you wish to nominate as being available for cashout. We also offer a more complex and feature-rich solution and you may choose the applicable solution which best fits in with what you are trying to achieve. Features include:

  • Full management of the cashout feature, including
    • Maintenance of system wide parameters such as minimal stake and maximal stake.
    • Configuring of applicable over-rounds per market type or event.
    • Provision of scaling over-rounds over the lifecycle of a market.
  • Auto-stop / Auto-cashout on pre-set market conditions.
  • Cashout values including stochastic variables.
  • "Edit your bet" feature.