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Next-Level Cashout

Does Your Cashout Solution Provide All of This?

Our industry leading cashout solution is packed with features you'll need to take your sportsbook to the next level. Give your customers a more dynamic and exciting Cash Out experience and improve your margins at the same time. Our solution:

  • Covers the widest range of markets and betting types whilst maintaining a high Cash Out availability.
  • Uses intelligent margin management algorithms to provide you with real-time dynamic margins.
  • Gives you full control over your offers with an extensive set of configuration parameters.
  • Is applicable across all distribution channels; Online, Mobile, Retail and Terminals.
Extensive Bet/Market Type Coverage

Support for Asian markets (all handicaps covered) and American bet types.

Automated Book Balancing

Automated algorithms align cash out and features within your existing system and manage pricing strategies reactively.

Probability Tools

Ensure cash out and market availability even when odds and probabilities are not otherwise available.


Our solution is not tied to any one particular betting platform and uses well-tested APIs and messaging queues to ensure high-levels of compatibility.

Why Netshell?

We've demonstrable experience in building and supporting successful, scalable high-transactional applications. Using these principles we build customised solutions for clients with specific real-time transaction or information management needs and priding ourselves on the fact that we form strong partnerships with our customers, often offering support and advice above and beyond that of our scope.

Track Record in Gaming

We have a sustained and provable track record in providing excellent service to our gaming clients.

Expert Knowledge

Our gaming knowledge spans over two decades. We have been involved in online gaming since it's arrival in the UK market.

Licensed in the UK for software development

We are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to develop and install remote software betting solutions.

Pre-Built Solutions

We have a number of pre-build solutions ready to adapt to your environment including, payments, cash-out, casino bonusing engines and more.

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