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Gaming Software Development

Development and Consultancy Services

We bring the development and implementation of flexible, scaleable and efficient systems through our varied knowledge across a number of sectors and make this knowledge and expertise available on a consultancy basis for software architecture, project management, bespoke development and training.

The people responsible for Netshell have been involved in building bespoke systems for market-leading and household names since the late 1990s and gaming specific software since before it's popularity surge in the late 00's. Our expertise and experience means we can not only advise on complex issues, but also define the right balance between immediate functionality and long-term scalability.

We have designed and delivered the high transaction web fixed-odds betting platforms of some of the UK's major bookmakers and integrated with many of the industries well known games and payment solution providers.

We apply our knowledge to build bespoke solutions where there is a client's need for high-throughput, low-latency real time transactions and content management needs.

Our development and project management methodologies are based upon AGILE and, specifically extreme programming (XP), ensuring the client maintains high and early visibility of ongoing development. It also allows close involvement directly between the developers and the client and mitigates risk.

As we are not dependent on one particular technology vendor, our capabilities allow us to deliver the solution that is most suited to you, selecting the most appropriate database, middleware, software language and framework depending on your project and current in-house systems.

We already have a development facility, why outsource?

Despite the brilliance that resides within your company, two heads are always better than one. An exceptional outsourcing plan will not only give additional capacity and elasticity to assist your in-house development team, but will also let them focus on specific projects without the need to fragment their time which becomes an inefficient way to work.

We take great pride in our role as consultants to many well known companies and we thrive on the new opportunities that help businesses keep up in a challenging environment.

Practically, outsourcing typically takes a several-pronged approach, taking ideas from many groups in separate meetings. We work hard to integrate needs and expectations early in the process to ensure your team develops the best product to meet requirements. Our theory behind this consulting approach is to anticipate enhancements, maintenance, scalability, and performance before anything moves forward.

Working alongside us your teams will make the most efficient use of existing and low-cost resources.

Ensure you get the benefit of outside thought processes and experience - don’t design your strategy without it!

Why Netshell?

We've demonstrable experience in building and supporting successful, scalable high-transactional applications. Using these principles we build customised solutions for clients with specific real-time transaction or information management needs and priding ourselves on the fact that we form strong partnerships with our customers, often offering support and advice above and beyond that of our scope.

Track Record in Gaming

We have a sustained and provable track record in providing excellent service to our gaming clients.

Expert Knowledge

Our gaming knowledge spans over two decades. We have been involved in online gaming since it's arrival in the UK market.

Licensed in the UK for software development

We are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission to develop and install remote software betting solutions.

Pre-Built Solutions

We have a number of pre-build solutions ready to adapt to your environment including, payments, cash-out, casino bonusing engines and more.

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