Netshell Provides Dealer App for the MPN Poker Tour

Netshell has supplied Microgaming with an App required by dealers in their MPN Poker Tour to moderate "thinking time" at the tables by players acting on their hand.

The casinos are using Android powered mini-tablets running the App which holds a number of features which relate to maintaining a simple countdown which can be managed easily by the dealer.

The new "Shot Clock" App will be used at each table to ensure players are adhering to rules regarding time constraints within tournaments. The clock counts down the time players have left to act on their hand. Before the clock reaches zero the player must make their decision to call, fold, bet, or raise, the player's hand is either dead, or be forced to play one of their time bank cards to gain some more time to think.

Typically players will get 30 seconds per decision. Additionally, when players receive a certain amount of time bank cards, they are typically worth an additional 30 or 60 seconds.

The App was used for the first time in the London Leg of the MPN Poker Tour on the 18th - 21st July. It is also available to the general public on both the Google Play and Apple stores.

Danielle Stevenson
Danielle Stevenson, Technical Project Manager

I am the Technical Project Manager at Netshell responsible for sports-book development, managing the day-to-day work streams and keeping our fantastic team of coders coordinated with client needs and company goals.