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Mobile App Development

Smart phones have revolutionised how we manage our every day lives. Just a short while ago, most tasks like checking emails, online shopping and keeping up to date with friends was done using laptops or PCs at home. Modern phones allow people and businesses to stay connected everywhere.

Websites are moving from supporting the needs of desktop users first to supporting mobile users first, reflecting the huge change in usage in the last few years between the two methods. Mobile websites are just the first step in engaging with this new revolution. Mobile Apps are quickly becoming the new way to provide an easy way for customers to interact with your business or services. Apps offer many more features above and beyond that of the humble website, and since they are installed on your user's mobile device, allow for improved user interaction including features like push notifications, GPS, cameras and more.


What can we do for you?

Some key points

We can assist you end to end with the development of your mobile app, or even pick up where someone else has started.

We've got some fantastic case studies to share with you and we're happy to talk through in detail how we'd approach your project.

End to End Support

We understand that your journey only starts with the development of the App itself. Once the App has been submitted to the various stores, we'll also work with you to keep you up to date with device changes and Apple or Google 'best practices' to maintain your App.

Concept Design

No in-house designers? No problem! We can work with you to define a look and feel from the very start of the project. We can also advise on how your own design ideas may affect user experience.

Apple and Android

We provide solutions for both Apple and Android devices across a range of products not just phones. Our solutions also work for any device running under Android or IOS, so that includes tablets, watches and TV devices.

Feature Rich

Does your App need to use physical components of a users device to operate, such as the GPS or Camera? We have various solutions already built which could help accelerate the project.

Featured Apps

Why Netshell MobileApps?

We've demonstrable experience in building and supporting successful mobile applications as well as the back-end systems which they may rely on to perform their intended function. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to form strong partnerships with our customers and offer them an end-to-end service covering all facets surrounding mobile development.

End-to-End Service

We offer an entire service covering the consultancy, design, development and store management of your App.

Expert Knowledge

We're abreast of all the latest changes across both Apple and Android platforms and able to leverage the benefits of each.

Track Record

Our clients have been ecstatic about the final result of their App and have given us testimonials to that.

Pre-Built Solutions

We have a number of pre-built solutions ready to adapt to your requirements, cutting costs and reducing time to market.

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