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Cross-Platform Solutions: Cordova

We can use a number of ways to develop your App, but many of our clients tell us they would prefer us to adopt a cross-platform approach using a framework like Cordova.

Looking for a Cordova based solution?

Do you have a mobile app already developed in Cordova and you are looking for assistance in adding additional features or are you looking to develop a new App using Cordova to leverage its cross-platform capabilities?

We have extensive experience in building Apps using the Cordova framework and can assist you with your requirements.

What is Cordova?

Cordova is a framework used to develop cross-platform mobile apps compatible on both Android and Apple's iOS. 

Normally Cordova is used in conjunction with other frameworks such as React in order to achieve the functionality required by the App.

Why would I use Cordova for my Mobile App?

The Cordova framework allows for developers to write code which can be re-used across both Android and iOS versions of the App. Normally these two platforms require separate code developed specifically, however, Cordova enables both development and maintenance time to be saved by effectively combining the efforts into one solution.

Additionally, since Cordova development involves the use of JavaScript and common libraries like React, some effort can be saved by sharing common components between non-mobile parts of your system including your website or other web based services.

It also allows for the development of mobile applications without the need to specifically have the skills normally required to build for those platforms natively.

I need an existing Cordova mobile App modified, can you help?

Yes! We're able to take over and build on top of existing code already written for your App. We can also assist in keeping your App up-to-date with the necessary adaptions that the publishers such as Apple and Google require to maintain your presence within the App Stores and to work on more modern or upcoming devices.

Why Netshell MobileApps?

We've demonstrable experience in building and supporting successful mobile applications as well as the back-end systems which they may rely on to perform their intended function. We pride ourselves on the fact that we are able to form strong partnerships with our customers and offer them an end-to-end service covering all facets surrounding mobile development.

End-to-End Service

We offer an entire service covering the consultancy, design, development and store management of your App.

Expert Knowledge

We're abreast of all the latest changes across both Apple and Android platforms and able to leverage the benefits of each.

Track Record

Our clients have been ecstatic about the final result of their App and have given us testimonials to that.

Pre-Built Solutions

We have a number of pre-built solutions ready to adapt to your requirements, cutting costs and reducing time to market.

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