Mobile App Development

As an online business you can no longer afford to focus your attention purely on traditional desktop based websites. The mobile revolution is here, and year on year more and more traffic is being driven to websites not from traditional laptops or desktops, but instead smart phones and tablets.

We can help transform your current business and website into a successful mobile enterprise. Alternatively we can assist in improving your existing offering or launch them on a new platform.

We can cover all aspects, including custom app development, consultations, software requirements specifications, testing and advising on existing apps plus long-term app support and maintenance agreements.

Native or Cross-Platform?

A native mobile app is an application created for use in a single particular platform or device, like Android or iOS. Windows. Since these native apps are specially made and coded for a specific mobile platform in its native programming language, they are able to leverage at a fine level the features that the platforms offer.

The upside to this is an all round better end result. This does come at a cost however since at least part of the works will not be transferable onto another platform.

Cross-Platform Apps are normally developed using a system which allows for more flexibility in that the app only needs to be developed once, and then it is published into the target platform by tools within that system. The benefits are clear - reduced cost and time to market.  

We are able to advise you on which option is best for you based upon your requirements.