Navigating with Technical Precision

Digital Solutions for Maritime Challenges

We engineer cutting-edge digital solutions specifically tailored for the maritime industry. From advanced risk management systems to streamlined policy and procedure platforms, our tools are designed to navigate the unique challenges of the maritime world.

Charting a course in maritime software

Precision in risk and process management

The vast expanse of maritime operations demands precision and understanding. We provide software solutions fine-tuned to this unique world, enhancing systems and crafting bespoke options to address its specific challenges.

With our tailored software solutions, we aim to guide the maritime industry with precision, ensuring challenges are met head-on and adaptability remains at the forefront.

Breaking down the challenges in the maritime sector

  • Navigating Legacy Systems

    Are outdated systems hindering your maritime business, impacting efficiency, safety, and the ability to adapt to changing industry demands?

  • Process Fragmentation

    Do disconnected workflows across maritime functions result in delays, errors, and reduced collaboration, affecting operational efficiency?

  • Enhancing Quality Assurance

    Are gaps in quality assurance procedures affecting maritime safety protocols, potentially leading to inconsistencies and compromising vessel and crew well-being?

  • Risk Management

    Is your maritime business effectively managing risks associated with vessel operations, cargo logistics, and safety protocols to ensure compliance and minimise potential liabilities?

Start making smart decisions armed with risk-based data

Take the first step towards more secure and effective operations today. 


Overcoming limitations with custom solutions

Netshell offers tailored solutions to improve maritime operations. Our applications aim to make process management more efficient, simplify logistics, and improve safety measures. By working with Netshell, maritime businesses can aim to simplify and automate current manual processes, reduce risks on a journey towards digital transformation.

Web Portals

Transform the way you work. With custom web portals, you can streamline information, foster collaboration and enhance efficiency. Have one centralised location for business documentation, risk management and data analytics for safety performance.

Mobile Apps

Take your system on-the-go. With a solution tailored to meet your specific business objectives, it can be compatible across devices. From tablets to mobile apps, having your system mobile increases efficiency and communication.


Solutions that meet maritime safety standards. With a secure system you can rest assured that risk assessment reports, identified hazards and company documentation are protected and remain compliant.

Software Development

Do you have something else in mind? Speak to us to discuss your specific challenges and business goals. With our dedicated business analyst and development team, we can work together to create a system tailored to your organisation.