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Manufactoring and Engineering

Discover how we've seamlessly extended functionality, transformed business processes, and powered critical systems to drive manufacturing efficiency.

Simplifying processes

Making an impact on industry using automation

By utilising Power Apps, we've refined business processes, developing applications and automated flows that make operations more efficient. This expertise has aided manufacturing units in overcoming challenges, shortening lead times, and improving resource management.

Netshell's experience in the manufacturing sector demonstrates our dedication to thoughtful innovation. Our bespoke solutions offer businesses the tools they need to adapt to changing conditions and succeed in a competitive landscape. Our track record stands as testament to our efficacy in improving manufacturing operations.

Common frustrations within the manufacturing sector

  • Legacy Systems

    Is your manufacturing operation hindered by outdated systems, impacting efficiency and collaboration?

  • Process Fragmentation

    Are disjointed workflows causing delays and errors in your manufacturing processes?

  • Resource Allocation Challenges

    Do challenges in resource allocation hinder your ability to optimise production capacity and meet demand effectively?

  • Quality Assurance Gaps

    Are gaps in your quality assurance processes leading to inconsistencies and impacting the overall product quality?

Overcome your challenges with expert solutions

We understand the challenges faced within the manufacturing industry and how these hurdles significantly impact your day-to-day operations and overall success. 

Transforming Manufacturing using modern technology

Driving efficiency, collaboration, and innovation in the manufacturing sector

Netshell provides tailored solutions that improve efficiency in the manufacturing sector. Bespoke business apps streamline various processes, including supply chain management and quality control. Mobile Apps can improve communication among your workforce, allowing for real-time monitoring and teamwork. Through Power Apps, we offer data-based insights that aid in informed decision-making, encouraging innovation and flexibility. With Netshell, manufacturing businesses can enhance both productivity and competitiveness.

Mobile Apps

Maintain seamless communication even when you're not on the floor. Mobile apps in can enable real-time teamwork and coordination. They offer the capability for remote oversight, facilitate rapid communication, and help synchronise various phases of production.

Business Apps

Optimise your manufacturing operations from start to finish. Business apps can help refine workflows in areas such as supply chain management and inventory control. By enhancing efficiency and reducing costs, they offer a more streamlined approach to managing your business.

Power Apps

Make informed choices based on real data. Power Apps can analyze production statistics, allowing businesses to adapt quickly to market changes, refine operational processes, and encourage thoughtful innovation.


For manufacturing businesses with existing manual systems, automation can fine-tune operations, improve quality controls, and bolster productivity, leading to enhanced efficiency and better profit margins.