Balancing modernisation and Budget

Public Sector Organisations

We recognise the unique challenges the public sector faces, especially when it comes to budget constraints and the need to modernise complex legacy systems. At Netshell, we bring a deep understanding of these challenges to offer cost-effective solutions.

Supporting public services

Delivering real value

In the public sector, challenges like tight budgets and outdated systems are commonplace. We understand these hurdles and offer practical solutions that aim for steady improvement and greater efficiency. Our experience spans multiple sectors, helping organisations overcome their specific challenges and find avenues for consistent growth.

We've worked with the Fire and Rescue Service, an essential public body focused on community safety. We've provided support on their journey toward digital transformation using the Power Platform to develop custom solutions that assist with operational, admin and safety tasks across the organisation.

The challenges within the public sector

  • Legacy Systems in Government Operations

    Is your public sector agency grappling with legacy systems that impede streamlined service delivery and public engagement?

  • Process Fragmentation in Administrative Workflows

    Are disjointed processes within government departments leading to inefficiencies, delays, and reduced collaboration?

  • Resource Allocation Hurdles for Public Services

    Are resource allocation challenges hampering your ability to allocate funds effectively and deliver public services efficiently?

  • Ensuring Quality Assurance in Government Programs

    Are gaps in quality assurance processes affecting the consistency and reliability of public services?

Start your digital transformation journey today

Modernising Public Sector software with targeted solutions

Foster engagement and automate repetitive tasks in the Public Sector

Our applications help simplify administrative tasks, improve service provision, and support data-informed decisions. With our assistance, government organisations can use technology to better meet community needs and increase transparency.

Power Apps

Using Power Apps, we create custom solutions that help you interpret public data more effectively, enabling more considered policy decisions, better resource management, and proactive choices that enhance public services.

Business Apps

Through tailored Business Apps, we help streamline your administrative processes, covering areas like document handling and public queries, all aimed at enhancing efficiency and public service quality.

Mobile Apps

Using custom mobile applications, we enable direct dialogue, timely updates, and two-way feedback, supporting openness, trust, and public engagement in your initiatives.


Public organisations can fine-tune operations, improve quality controls, and bolster productivity, leading to enhanced efficiency and better profit margins using automation.