Codebase audit and recommendations

Objective insights to fine-tune your existing systems

We provide impartial, third-party evaluations to help you make informed decisions about your existing codebase.

Analyse system performance

Senior technical expertise to help drive your product forward

When higher levels of assurance are required, source code reviews can provide project stakeholders a comprehensive overview of their product or platform.

Our experienced developers will review your code base to identify errors, enhance performance, and ensure coding standards and best practices are being followed.

Many development companies will already have a code review process in place however from our experience there is rarely an opportunity at the end of a project for an expert to review the system in it's entirety, which can lead to unexpected problems after release that are expensive and time consuming to resolve.

Maximising code efficiency. Discover the benefits.

  • Enhanced code quality

    Third-party code review ensures that the software adheres to best practices and industry standards, leading to higher-quality code.

  • Bugs and defects identification

    Independent reviewers can uncover hidden bugs and defects, helping prevent costly issues in the future.

  • Security assessment

    External reviews can identify security vulnerabilities therefore reducing the risk of data breaches.

  • Reduced technical debt

    By addressing code issues early, third-party reviews help prevent the accumulation of technical debt, saving time and resources in the long run.

  • Knowledge transfer

    Code reviews facilitate knowledge sharing, enabling in-house teams to learn from external experts and adopt best practices.

  • Accelerated development

    Code review insights can lead to faster development cycles by streamlining processes and improving code maintainability.

Overcome high-impact issues and system vulnerabilities 

We understand software isn’t perfect, our experts won't just come up with a list of issues, they'll provide comprehensive documentation to help you understand the varying risk levels and potential impacts of vulnerabilities identified, as well as offering recommendations to resolve. 

Transparency and expertise

The Netshell approach to code reviews

Whether you're fine-tuning an ongoing project or seeking an unbiased evaluation, our team of experienced developers are to support you.

Our code review process covers both business requirements evaluation and code quality assurance, helping you gain the confidence you need to get your product live and in front of your customers.

Once the review has been completed, you'll be provided with two documents; one is aimed at non-technical stakeholders to describe the overall project status and system readiness for release, the other will deep dive into technical recommendations that can implemented be by your software developers.