Empowering Businesses with Microsoft MAUI

Mobile and Application Development

Leverage the robust capabilities of .NET Multi-platform App UI to craft cutting-edge, user-centric cross-platform applications. Our expertise extends to developing intricate .NET MAUI apps tailored to any project or design specification.

Go beyond the website

Fulfill your potential with cutting-edge mobile apps

Gone are the days when our tasks—be it checking emails, online purchases, or social connectivity—were tethered to desktops at home. With the advent of smartphones, our world has transformed, placing connectivity right in our pockets.

Today, as businesses strive for omnipresence, the paradigm shifts from desktop-first to mobile-first platforms. But mere mobile-optimised websites only scratch the surface. Mobile applications are reshaping the landscape, offering feature-rich experiences that leverage push notifications, GPS, cameras, and so much more.

What is MAUI?

MAUI provides a unified framework that allows developers to craft applications with a single codebase, yet deliver native experiences across various platforms including Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

For businesses eyeing to make a digital imprint with business applications or mobile apps, MAUI presents a range of advantages. The cost and time involved in development are significantly reduced since there's no need to develop separate apps for each platform. This efficiency translates to faster time-to-market, giving businesses a competitive edge. 


What can we do for you?

  • End to End Support

    We understand that your journey only starts with the development of the App itself. Once the App has been submitted to the various stores, we'll also work with you to keep you up to date with device changes and Apple or Google 'best practices' to maintain your App.

  • Apple and Android

    We provide solutions for both Apple and Android devices across a range of products not just phones. Our solutions also work for any device running under Android or IOS, so that includes tablets, watches and TV devices.

  • Concept Design

    No in-house designers? No problem! We can work with you to define a look and feel from the very start of the project. We can also advise on how your own design ideas may affect user experience.

  • Features

    Does your App need to use physical components of a users device to operate, such as the GPS or Camera? We have various solutions already built which could help accelerate the project.

How we can help you

Cross-platform development and deployment

At Netshell using the dynamic capabilities of .NET Multi-platform App UI (MAUI) we can turn your visions into tangible solutions. Whether you're aiming for a stellar mobile experience or a seamless desktop application, our consultancy and development expertise ensure your project thrives on any platform. Explore our the diverse uses of the platform below and envision the boundless opportunities possible.

iOS / iPadOS App Development

We keep abreast of all the latest changes on iPhone and iPad and ensure your apps continue to run smoothly as updates and new devices are released and can advise on what features are possible - across hardware and software.

Android Development

Within the diverse landscape of Android devices, our applications can provide a native feel and performance on a multitude of devices—from smartphones to tablets, whilst not deviating away from your chosen design and user experience.

Windows Apps

We can design and deploy robust Windows apps with responsive intuitive user interfaces. Building natively on Windows desktops allows for seamless integration with other Windows based software and line of business applications.


Do you have a mobile app already developed in Xamarin and you are looking for assistance in adding additional features? Are you looking to update it to use MAUI instead? We can help.

Supporting your mobile and tablet apps

  • Monitoring Reviews and acting on feedback
  • Ensuring Apps are compatible with upcoming popular devices
  • Monitoring remote App crash statistics and applying stability fixes
  • Keeping Apps up to date with manufacturer best practices
  • Ensuring Apps are compatible with upcoming OS updates
  • Understanding regulatory requirements and implementing accordingly
  • Fault finding and fixing issues
  • Periodic refresh of designs, App icons and other related artwork
  • Maintaining compatibility with Third Party APIs in use (social media integrations etc)
  • Back-end capacity monitoring, advice and implementation
  • Addition of new features to take advantage of technology changes
  • Managing App Store publishing and working with Google and Apple on queries
  • App Usage Metrics and In-App Advertising

Once your App has gone live you may wish to take advantage of our support and management solutions. Like most investments, Apps require some kind of maintenance to ensure they are still using best practices or are compatible with the latest devices.

Some examples may be how iPhone has changed in size and dimensions over the years. A single screen size from the earlier models has expanded into a number of options available to the end consumer. All of these sizes needs to be tested for compatibility, and where applicable, the additional screen space used effectively.