Tailored integrations for data interconnectivity

Custom connectors give organisations the ability to connect with external APIs and services to build tailored solutions that can talk to your other business critical solutions.

Bridging the gap

Developing the missing piece

Custom connectors offer a practical way to better integrate your various applications and services. They're useful for linking to external APIs and other systems, aiding in more efficient data flow and task automation.

In the current digital environment, effective data sharing between applications is important. Custom connectors enhances the basic capabilities of Power Platform tools, enabling broader connections to other applications and systems.

When do I need a Power Platform Custom Connector?

  • Unlock endless integration possibilities

    Enable businesses to integrate with external services and applications that are not natively supported by standard connectors, opening up a vast array of possibilities.

  • Tailor-made apps for optimised workflows

    Customisation ensures that the apps align perfectly with specific business needs and workflows, enhancing user experiences and increasing productivity.

  • Efficiency overhaul

    Streamlines operations, reduces manual intervention, and improves overall efficiency, leading to time and cost savings.

  • Empowering data-driven decisions

    Allows businesses to fetch data from various sources and integrate it into Power BI for comprehensive data analysis and visualisation.

  • Promoting consistency and collaboration

    Once created, custom connectors can be reused across different Power Platform applications and flows, promoting consistency and collaboration across the organisation.

  • Error-free automation

    Eliminate the need for manual data entry and reduce the risk of errors associated with repetitive tasks.

Removing data barriers through tailored connections

Efficiency benefits from good integration. Custom connectors offer a straightforward way to link your applications and systems. Designed to meet your specific needs, these connectors facilitate smoother data exchange and help reduce manual transfers.

Do more with Power Platform

Optimise workflows and improve data connectivity within your organisation

Our team of experienced developers can create custom connectors tailored to the specific needs of businesses. Whether it's integrating with industry-specific software, legacy systems, or IoT devices, we can design and build custom connectors that enable seamless data exchange between the Power Platform and external systems.

Netshell collaborate closely with businesses to understand their unique integration requirements. By conducting a comprehensive analysis of existing systems and workflows, Netshell can help organisations devise an integration strategy that optimises processes and improves data flow. This ensures that the custom connectors align with the organisation's goals and deliver maximum value.

As businesses grow and their needs evolve, we ensure that the custom connectors can handle increased data volumes and accommodate future expansions.

How custom connectors can benefit your business

  • Data Consolidation from Multiple Sources

    Custom connectors allow organisations to consolidate data from different sources into a single platform for comprehensive analysis and reporting. For example, a retail company can connect their online store, point-of-sale system, and inventory management software, enabling real-time inventory tracking, sales analysis, and demand forecasting.

  • Integration with Legacy Systems

    Custom connectors bridge the gap between these legacy systems and the Power Platform, enabling data exchange and interactions that were not previously possible without manual effort. For instance, a financial institution can integrate their legacy accounting software with Power BI to create interactive financial reports and dashboards.

  • Custom Workflow Automation

    Custom connectors in Power Automate enable businesses to automate complex workflows that involve multiple applications and services. For example, an e-commerce company can use custom connectors to automate the order fulfilment process, including order processing, inventory updates, and shipment tracking.

  • Real-Time Data Sync

    Custom connectors allow real-time data synchronisation between the Power Platform and external systems. This is particularly useful for scenarios where immediate data updates are crucial. For instance, a customer service team can use custom connectors to sync customer data between the CRM system and Power Apps, ensuring agents have the latest information when interacting with customers.

  • Secure and Controlled Access

    Custom connectors can be configured with specific authentication methods, ensuring secure access to external services. This provides better control over who can access and use the connector, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring compliance with security policies.

  • Scaling for Business Growth

    As businesses grow, their needs and systems evolve. Custom connectors allow organisations to scale their integrations and processes to accommodate increased data volumes and changing business requirements. This scalability ensures that the Power Platform remains an efficient and effective tool as the business expands.